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10 years of experience

Our History and Vision

Devkra Company Limited is a Ghanaian startup established in February 2023 to provide cutting edge technological solutions for clients and companies from Ghana to Africa and the world. It is understandable that the prevailing use cases for non-African originated technological solution will inherently not be easily adaptable to African settings to most problems. Although not all such software or hardware explicitly suffer these limitations, it seems that for the majority of poor, rural and non-Western educated African populations, they are either closed off due to technological cost or ostracized due not structural limitations of their home countries. For example, power shortages, poor roads, and poverty. These simple structural problems limit the solutions that are presented by certain critical current technology to address identified problems. Devkra has as its vision the goal of serving the underprivileged via technological solutions whiles tapping into indigenous African knowledge bases to provide world quality bleeding edge products. Thus our catch phrase, "hearts touched, lives changed".

Does your business need smart solutions?

With the advent of AI and smart Internet-of-things, companies need to upgrade and incorporate these smart technologies to improve their businesses' coverage, productivity, and security.

How long should it take to have your smart business solution?

Please reach out and let us discuss your business smart needs. Based on the gravity of the problem and solution, we can establish an efficient and acceptable timeline for your project.

Where do I start?

Contact us via email or by phone call to get you started.

Devkra Influence

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Happy Customers

Devkra products and services have attained world-class standards and high user satisfaction due to the consideration of user-centric and environmentally friendly (UN SDGs) solutions. Our workforce is also sourced from highly motivated and qualified individuals working in a friendly and conducive working ecosystem.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • World Class Workers
  • Efficient and green solutions
  • Friendly and healthy working environment
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How we work

Identify a Problem and Elaborate

Devkra group identifies a prominent societal problem that needs to be tackled and elaborates on a smart and efficient solution.

Establish a Team and Tackle Solution

Devkra established a team to identify the resources, personnel, and development process needed to make the solution a reality.

Develop the Solution

After establishing and acquiring the resources and personnel, the established team develops the software or hardware solution agreed upon.

Deploy the Solution

Finally, the developed solution is tested and validated to meet Devkra and international standards. After the evaluation, the product is deployed.

Why Choose Us

We Provide Legacy Software and Hardware Solutions to Solve
Societal and Your business Concerns


9/5 to 24/7 Customer support

We provide clients with 9 hours of daily customer service during regular working hours from Mondays to Fridays. We also provide 24-hour service weekly for customers subscribed to our developed services and products for help requests during product usage.

Helpline +233 (050) 493 5272

Smart solutions

We research, design, and develop cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for homes, industries, and institutions. We also provide consultancy and custom-developed software and hardware products for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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Expert Team

Meet Our Leadership

Derek Kwaku Pobi Asiedu

Team Lead/Technician

Kwadwo Boateng Ofori-Amanfo

Project Manager/Technician

Richard Boateng Nti

Finance Manager/Technician

Kofi Amoako Ofori-Amanfo